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Tobacco, Olive and Tree Dieta – October 2023 – Israel

Tobacco, Olive & Tree Dieta

October 11-18 & 21-28, 2023

Master Plant Dietas – October 2023 – Bet She’arim National Park, Israel

The plant dieta is a chance to learn from one of the Master Plant teachers. “Dieting” is a traditional process one undertakes to learn and heal deeply from a plant. The dieta is done in isolation in the forest, mimicking the traditional dieting process in the jungle, which gives the participant a chance to deeply be with oneself, to see and understand the mind, and to allow the plant to maximize its effects.

Guests will arrive during the day, get settled in, have a diagnostic to see which plant would be of most benefit, and then begin the ceremony and dieting process that night. Food is kept to a minimum to allow the plant to deeply penetrate. It is said that when the body is weak, the spirit is high. Guests will drink a juice or smoothie or eat a light soup twice a day just in order to maintain physical force so that they are able to undertake the plant diet, which can be strong and profound.

This event is located in Bet She’arim National Park, Isreal, and is run by Merav Artzi and Jason Sadhana Grechanik. Combined we have worked with and guided over a thousand people in ceremonies working with various plants. It is a great opportunity to work with both a very experienced male and female guide.

Given the high amount of RSVP and the limited space (10 people) we are offering TWO DATES:

A – October 11th – 18th

B – October 21st – 28th

Let us know when you register if you prefer the first or second week, or both. We will do our best to accommodate your date and will get back to you if your only available date is not available anymore.

We will take reservations on a FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE BASIS.

The price is $1,200 and includes:

  • Initial consultation & recommendation
  • 7 days / 7 nights plant dieta
  • Daily Plant Dieta Ceremony
  • Daily Breakfast & Lunch (evening are fasting for the Plant Dieta)
  • Accommodation on-site camping in a tent with a single mattress
  • Access to the land & facilities (bathroom, kitchen, shower)
  • Daily support and coaching from Merav Artzi and Jason Sadhana Grechanik
  • Post Dieta Integration/support call
  • Please bring a towel, bed sheets, and pillow

To reserve a place in the dieta, we ask for a 50% down-payment.
The other 50% please pay one month prior to arrival or one can bring the rest in cash upon arrival.

Please contact Merav via WhatsApp or through the website below to receive more information

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