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Tobacco and Master Plant Dieta – May, 2024 – Porto Covo, Portugal

Tobacco and Tree Dieta

May 8 - 24, 2024 - Porto Covo, Portugal


Tobacco & Tree Dieta

The plant dieta is a chance to learn from one of the Master Plant teachers. “Dieting” is a traditional process one undertakes to learn and heal deeply from a plant. The dieta is done in isolation in the forest, mimicking the traditional dieting process in the jungle, which gives the participant a chance to deeply be with oneself, to see and understand the mind, and to allow the plant to maximize its effects.

Guests will arrive during the day, get settled in, have a diagnostic to see which plant would be of most benefit, and then begin the ceremony and dieting process that night. Food is kept to a minimum to allow the plant to deeply penetrate. It is said that when the body is weak, the spirit is high. Guests will drink a juice or smoothie or eat a light soup twice a day just in order to maintain physical force so that they are able to undertake the plant diet, which can be strong and profound.

This event is located at a plant-medicine retreat center about 15 minutes away from Porto Covo in Portugal, at the Adamãe Retreat Center, and run by Merav Artzi and Jason Sadhana Grechanik. Combined we have worked with and guided over a thousand people in ceremonies working with various plants. It is a great opportunity to work with both a very experienced male and female guide. We recommend that guests come for both weeks if possible as we have seen in two weeks, usually people are able to go much deeper into a process. But we understand if this is not possible financially or with time so we offer one-week dietas and these are very beneficial as well and guests can still go very deep.

We will be bringing Amazonian trees to work with as well as four local trees: oak, hawthorn, elder and alder. We have found working with local trees gives people an opportunity to connect to the medicine and wisdom of their land. They also can develop a connection to a tree that they can then go back to physically and continue a relationship with. We have been truly inspired with the connection our guests are developing working with their own indigenous trees. The following is a little synopsis of the oak, olive, hawthorn, and elder trees:


Physical: Good for heart, immune system tonic, antiviral, cleanse the blood & regulates pressure, improves brain functionality. Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol. Used to treat diabetes, hypertension, inflammation, diarrhea, respiratory & urinary tract infections, stomach and intestinal diseases, asthma, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, laxative, mouth cleanser & as a vasodilator.

Contains: oleopain, alaopaose, alkaloids, quinine and flavonoids.

Energetic: Connects us with the divine. Embodies a sense of both internal and external peace and connects us with a sense of awe to the divine. Olive branch symbolizes peace. Signifies awakening, union, reconciliation & longevity. Concept of judgment is flipped from external judgment to inner acknowledgment of internal ease and comfort. Symbol of strength and robustness. An old, gentle guide encouraging us to remember the ancestral wisdom that is inside us and in nature all around us.


Physical general tonic, anti-inflammatory, good for blood.
Cooling. Good for liver and gallstones. Astringent: shrink & tone tissue as they heal. Internal hemorrhage. Cleans phlegm in lungs. Hair loss. Removes excess mucus & tones the stomach.

Energetic Druidic – Dair meaning door. Entrance to internal world and otherworld, either through Sky World through branches or the chthonic world of nature spirits through roots & underground. Symbol of strength, fertility, kingship. endurance, ancestors, family, roots, & balance. Oaks are providers. Attract lightening – attract Gods. But are not killed by strike. Head in the clouds and roots firmly planted in earth. Magic and the otherworld. Protection from black magic. Bears mistletoe – sacred plant. Tallest tree – reach spiritual heights. Psychological aid for loneliness.
Etymology: strength, bravery, truth, belief, contract, agreement, confidence. Oak – Dru – true – druids – truth knowers

June-July / Fire / Sun / Zeus-Jupiter / Stag-bull-boar-eagle


Physical King of heart medicines. Cardiac tonic: good for angina, palpitation, arrhythmia, myocarditis, pericarditis. Good for blood disorders. Helps to build blood. Regulates and normalizes blood pressure. Good for sharp pains in the body, stress, insomnia, nervous tension, stomach ailments, ulcers. Stops excessive menstruation.

Energetic Druidic – Huath – meaning fear or awe. Embodies magical powers and the realm of the fairies. Used for protection. Embodies masculine in contrast to Elder and feminine but has both qualities. Christ was allegedly crucified on Whitethorn (hawthorn) and crown of thorns from whitethorn. Associated with holy wells – element and magic of water. Works on anger, resentment, love, peace. Opens the energetic channels: flow. Used against witchcraft. Blessings for marriage. Power. Creativity. Fertility. Has a dual aspect: light and dark, fear and awe.

May / Air / Mars /Four Elements


Physical: “Queen of herbs.” Great healer – all parts of tree used as medicine: berries, flowers, leaves, bark, root. Anti-viral, immune system, emetic, diuretic, epilepsy, rheumatism, kidneys, inflammation, skin conditions, lungs, heart

Energetic: Druidic – Ruis. Governed by Elder Mother or Hyde Moer. Duality: Death – rebirth. Regeneration & renewal. Self-reflection. Truth. Knowledge. Wisdom. Sacrifice. Magic. Faeries. Protection. Used against witchcraft. Justice – divine justice. Knowledge gained from past. Moving forward – shedding of old habits. Atonement of sin. Freeing of regrets and judgement. Gratitude. Simplicity.

December / Water-Air / Venus / Four Elements



Physical: anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, contains salicin, skin, lymphatic, immune system, internal & external wounds, infections, lungs, blood, liver, bile, phlegm, digestion, rheumatism, cold/flu/COVID, STDs, headaches, anxiety, nerves.

Energetic: Irish myth: first man came from Alder. Warrior, shield, strength, foundation, endurance, defense, resilience, protection: physcial, emotional, & spiritual. Conflict – takes us into our past. Overcoming challenges. Water/emotions – transformation of negative to positive. Wisdom. Fixes nitrogen – rejuvenation, symbiosis, community. Overcome inaction, weakness, pity, stuckness. Moves us forward. Discrimination & diagnosis. Prophecy. Magic. Faeries. Balance: masculine & feminine, sword & shield, action vs emotions. Transition. Blood – life energy. Grace, ease, generosity, service, inspiration, faith, success.

March-April / 4 Elements: Water-Air-Fire / Venus / Raven

Booking details

Given the high amount of RSVP and the limited space (12 people) we are offering TWO DATES:

A – May 8th to 15th
B – May 17th to 24th

We will do our best to accommodate your date and will get back to you if the only dates you can is not available anymore.

We will take reservations on a FIRST COME / FIRST SERVE BASIS.

The exchange is €1,475 for 8 days or €2,800 for 17 days with a bell tent. The price includes:

– Initial consultation & recommendation
– 8 days / 7 nights plant dieta
– Daily Plant Dieta Ceremony
– Daily Breakfast & Lunch (evening are fasting for the Plant Dieta)
– Plant/tree baths and potential extra remedies to support the process
– Accommodation: Individual bell tents with bed, mattress, linens, chair and ru
– Access to the land & facilities (bathroom, shower, lounge areas)
– Daily support, coaching, and teaching from Merav Artzi and Jason Sadhana Grechanik
– Post Dieta Integration support



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