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Kind feedback from my clients

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Entering a 3 week Tobacco Dieta was really the more direct Embodiment of where my Spirit wanted to bring me. A push from my Inner Heart. Going so deeply within was only very much possible with the highly loving care from both Jason and Merav. Together they carry insanely much Wisdom in many aspects of Life! Merav & Jason work very professional and with the deepest respect towards The Master Teacher, Plants & Trees. Their knowledge in this field is huge!
The Assistants really give their all as well! It is being felt that they hold loads of compassion towards the Pasajeros (Dieters). Gracias!!


In closing let me say this. For me plant medicine does not solve all of lifes problems. However it is a port in the storm where we quickly regroup and come out ready to travel the sea of life. Stronger, better and more capable than before. Plant medicine has changed my life.

And a word of encouragement. If you are suffering. Good for you. That is great. Even though I have worked with the plants for 12 years and seen the ressults, I was still very nieve in the importance of suffering. Only the last few months has my focus shifted from victim mentallity when bad things happened to a perspective of appreciation…About 20% of the Yoga Sutras are dedicated to understanding suffering and its benefits. Duhkha means Suffering as an Opportinity. If you are suffering you have a great opportunity to go through it and with the help of Jason and Merav they will navigate you through to the other side.


The Dieta was a transformational and life changing experience for me. I retrieved and reconnected so many lost parts of myself. It felt like I embodied and returned to my soul essence. I came home to myself finding such deep connection within, with nature and with spirit. I witnessed the beauty of the human experience. I felt fully supported and held in such a safe, compassionate and loving space. Jason and Merav’s presence and holding was truly sacred. Their beautiful presence felt like medicine in itself. I am filled with such gratitude for this amazing experience which was deeply healing. Truly a blessing and a precious gift.


The dieta was hard at first because I never did anything like that before . the guidance from merav and Jason really helped me to learn and dive in to my own process of heart opening and to clean my mind. I feel good and healthy and more connected to my body and to myself. my senses are really open and I have allot of amazing new skills to learn and experience life from the perception of the heart. I will never forget this week and who’d definitely do this again. Thank you and love you.

Arad Ben Meleh

I would totally recommend the Dieta to anyone, especially with you guys. Each one of you has a different quality – Merav brings the feminine energy with warmth and tenderness while radiating a strong vibration. Jason brings comforting silence and the notion of a big brother, caring for all of us. I enjoyed working with you and deepening the spiritual connection together with you as I felt great trust with you. It feels like I have met two beautiful companions to my journey and I am grateful for that.


Dear Jason an Merav, thank you for being such great guides during my dietas. Through the whole experience I could feel your love, connection and comittment to the medicine itself and to staying present for me on this journey. You also helped me to continue when I was very challenged and full of doubt. I felt supported and at the same time blessed with your trust in the medicine and me to go through the experience on my own. This great dance and balance of being ”in the right place” as facilitators, absolutely present but at the same time allowing me all the space I needed for my own growth moved me and still continues to move me. As I write this I feel Tobacco and the Tree growing inside of me in a very organic, true and powerful way. Words are not enough to describe my gratitude to Spirit, the medicine and to you both for holding this loving space around me. I also want to thank you for your gentleness ❤


I started to diet with Jason and Merav because of a very serious and painful 3 year injury I was suffering in my left arm and neck. After 1 week I had less pain after the 2nd week no pain and during the 3rd I did the first Handstand I had done in over 3 years. It was an amazing result for me. I continue to diet tobacco and I experience a deepening sense of peace, self confidence, personal power, strengthening of healthier personal boundaries and an increased ability to manage stress and deal successfully with difficult situations and obnoxious people.
Jason and Merav provide a space and experience very well conducive for the self reflection and inquiry that happens in a diet. They both have a deep experiential understanding of working with plants and serving medicine especially tobacco. The integrity with which they carry out their work is of the highest level. There is not a hint of anything weird or suspicious going on with them that is sometimes found in the plant medicine world. The dream analysis they provide is extremely helpful and shockingly revealing. I’m very grateful to have come across tobacco. My only regret is that it didn’t happen sooner in my life.


I’m so grateful to Merav and Jason for their wisdom, compassion, and guidance. I recently completed a dieta with them that has helped me to move forward on issues that have been holding me back for almost my whole life. They were so caring and patient through the whole process. Their commitment to plant medicine and healing helped me to go deep, and their wisdom brought clarity to me that allowed me to see myself in a new light.


Life changing. A dream come true that I never knew I had. The hardest thing I have ever done in my life but also the best gift I have ever given myself, I would do it again in a heart beat, but only with you two holding space for it ❤️❤️❤️
Lots of Love Always,

Ramona Fortune

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