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I am offering integration and consultation sessions to anyone that needs support on their healing path.

My name is Merav, and i am a tobaquera. In my practice i have been holding space in ceremonies serving Mapacho and other master plants supporting hundreds of men and women ion their path of healing.

Mapacho is an integrative plant teaching us how to walk the earth, overcome obstacles and grow deep roots. it bestows on us protection and creative power so we cam manifest ourselves in the world.Part of my offering is connecting you to Mapacho’s spirit and helping you to embody the qualities that it promotes because we all have the potential of being strong rooted channels balanced in harmony within and without, like the plants and trees around us, and this is the teaching of the plants.

What can you expect and what tools I utilize?

In my experience the period of integration after a ceremony or a dieta is as important as the ceremony itself, it is the process of assimilating the information you had received in ceremony, the healing and teachings brought to you by the plants spirits, the universe and your higher self.
This process starts as soon as our ceremonies are closed and last for long months and even years.

All of these symptoms are common when closing a ceremony:

  • Information that was dormant in your subconscious may now become consciousness
  • Memory that was stuck in your body may resurface to your awareness
  • Deep insight my arise about how you need to live your life
  • Loneliness and a sense of isolation my come up when you transit from doing shamanic work to returning to your everyday lives.
  • you may sense a gap between what you had experienced in spirit and your ability to bring it to your day to day lives.
  • For some people this will result in feeling restlessness, anxiety, experiencing nightmares, feeling shame and guilt, deep sadness, feeling stuck and unable to take a decision from a place of alignment

My part is to share from my experience and offer support. Give context to your process, give you tools. listen with compassion with no criticism and hold a safe space. To empower you.

My fee is a minimum of 120$ for 75 minute if you feel like offering more you are welcome
payment is made via PayPal to

Connect Merav for more information

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